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Promoting locally owned businesses

The LOCAL FIRST Lane County campaign is a public education campaign to encourage Lane County residents to support our locally owned businesses.


Download the brochure! (Adobe PDF format)
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By supporting LOCAL FIRST Lane County you:

  • Support local entrepreneurs, your neighbors, who create jobs for people who live in this community as opposed to bringing in workers from other areas,

  • Recycle more money locally (e.g., keep cash from leaving the community),

  • Help maintain local control over our local politics,

  • Promote carrying a larger percentage of locally made goods at local businesses

  • Care more about our area’s natural environment,

  • Help maintain the areas uniqueness, vitality, and character adding more choice to our lives,

  • Help prevent the catastrophic consequences of large businesses suddenly leaving the area,

  • Enhance the “multiplier effect” of recycling a higher percentage of revenues and profits back into the local economy right here in Lane County,

  • Create a stronger web of local social relationships and giving to local charities.

Buy Local Resources:

  • A Maine Study Finds Locally Owned Businesses Better for Local Economy: According to a recent study, three times as much money stays in the local economy when consumers buy goods and services from locally owned businesses compared to chain stores.

  • The New Rules Project: Why NEW RULES? Because the old ones don't work any longer. They undermine local economies, subvert democracy, weaken our sense of community, and ignore the costs of our decisions on the next generation.

  • The Austin Independent Business Alliance is a group of locally owned and managed independent businesses that are passionate about their community and about their unique contributions to it. A.I.B.A. works actively to ensure the success of Austin's local independent businesses, so that they can continue to contribute to Austin's rich character and vibrant quality of life.

  • An Analysis Of The Potential Economic Impact Of Austin Unchained: A PDF document on Austin city's groundbreacking project.

  • The Liveable City Study.

For every two jobs national retailers bring to a community,

three jobs are lost as local businesses close.

Join us today to support locally owned businesses.

We are promoting your local business by:

  • Advertising in local media and initiating articles and programs to educate about Local First,
  • Speaking at community events,
  • Getting the word out about local business,
  • Working with government agencies and local politicians to promote more policies and incentives for locally owned businesses,
  • Connecting local manufacturers with local retailers and the public,
  • Working with other groups focused on similar local support such as Unique Eugene and Lane County Food Coalition.

INTERESTED?? Help us get the word out in your business circles. Donations are tax deductible and your involvement is welcomed.

For more information contact us through Helios Resource Network via email at helios@heliosnetwork.org or www.heliosnetwork.org or call Cary Thompson 686-5562



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